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Episode 37 – How Many Threads Connect Us Through the Generations – Author Neal Wooten and Singer Songwriter Audrey Jones

How many threads connect us through the generations.  This episode brings us two talented individuals who both are storytellers.  First Larry speaks with Neal Wooten, author of the book With the Devil’s Help, a book that Larry can foresee as a 3 act play. Larry speaks to Neal about his early life growing up, how he was not allowed to talk about what happens at home or even have friends over to play and the multigenerational struggles with mental illness, being a genius and a family slaying involving potatoes.After the break, Larry is joined by singer/songwriter Audrey Jones.  Audrey is the youngest guest yet to appear on the podcast. Audrey plays 3 songs live in studio, talks about her influences, inspiration for writing songs, why writing is easier than playing or singing and explains her hopes and dreams, gives credit to Frank Toscano Music School, and her teacher Kevin Allen.

Song 1: Forgive

Song 2: Your Mom

Song 3: Rainfall

Episode 36 – What Are the Threads that Connect us to a True Path? Authors John Searles and Michael Branch

What are the threads that connect us to a true path? In this installment of the podcast, Larry is joined by author John Searles to discuss his new book, Her Last Affair. Searles recounts his childhood being bullied for being gay, his love of the library and the books he read while going on long summer truck rides with his father. After recounting stories about his own life, Larry and John discuss the “public, private and secret” lives of his characters and the way that seemingly unconnected stories intersect in powerful ways.

Larry and author Michael Branch go down the rabbit-hole to discuss Michael’s latest non-fiction work On the Trail of the Jackalope. Michael recounts to origins of the jackalope as a taxidermy hoax, the surprising cancer research related to real life “horned rabbits” and the importance of tall-tales in American culture.