Episode 46 – How Many Threads Connect Puffs of Smoke? Author and Federal Prosecutor Lis Wiehl

How many threads connect puffs of smoke? In this week’s episode of The Artful Periscope, Larry interviews legal analyst and federal prosecutor Lis Wiehl, who sheds light on the shadowy life of FBI spy Robert Hanssen while discussing her new book A Spy in Plain Sight. Wiehl discusses the experience of growing up as the daughter of an FBI agent and how her career as a lawyer influenced her style as an author.

Then the conversation shifts to Robert Hanssen, who is often referred to as “The Unabomber of the FBI” due to the twenty-year hunt to find him. Wiehl analyzes Hanssen’s convincing cover as a devout Catholic, his relationship with his wife Bonnie, his ability to effectively compartmentalize different facets of his duplicitous life, his narcissistic pursuit for accolades that drove him to sell information to Russia and the ultimate reveal of his spy activity.