Episode 48 – How Many Threads Take Us to Places That Are Foreign? – Authors Nicholas Dawidoff and Mark Ebner

How many threads take us to places that are foreign? Larry has a chat with author Nicholas Dawidoff regarding his most recent book The Other Side of Prospect: A Story of Violence. After eight years of research, over five hundred interviews and many trips to Nicholas’s hometown of New Haven in Connecticut, The Other Side of Prospect recounts the wrongful arrest of Bobby Johnson and illuminates the complicated history of race and financial inequality in the community.

After the break, Larry interviews Mark Ebner, co-author of the book Off the Deep End which recounts the complicated relationship between luxury hotel pool boy Giancarlo Granda and Becki Falwell, wife of evangelical preacher Jerry Falwell Jr. Larry and Ebner discuss the ethics of personal responsibility, the corruption of Liberty University and the interview between The Falwells and Vanity Fair.  The episode wraps up with a new installment of Rory’s Island, in which Rory Vecsey discusses her own experiences with the legal system and the potential barriers that disenfranchised groups face.