Episode 76 – How Many Threads Connect Us to the Past and the Present? Authors Kevin Baker & J. M. Adams

How many threads connect us to the past and the present? On this week’s episode of The Artful Periscope, Larry is joined by his old friend and returning guest Kevin Baker, author of The New York Game: Baseball and the Rise of a New City. Larry and Kevin discuss Kevin’s childhood memories of Yankee Stadium and seeing legendary players like Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays in-person. Then the discussion then shifts to the history of baseball in New York, tracing its influence back to the early 1900’s and one of the earliest New York professional teams, The New York Mutuals. Then Kevin delves into the fierce rivalry between the New York Yankees, the New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers, and the division between Manhattan and Brooklyn. After the departure of the Dodgers and the Giants from New York, the discussion turns to the remaining team, the Yankees, and their most famous player Babe Ruth.

After the break, Larry welcomes J.M.Adams, a journalist with experience reporting for CBS and NBC news affiliates and the author of the thriller novel Second Term. Larry and Adams discuss his love of language and the dedication in his book to the police officers that defended The Capitol during the January 6th insurrection. Then they discuss the protagonist, Cora Walker, and how her ability to survive a male-dominated profession is informed by the experience of his wife, working as a Wall Street executive. Returning to the events of January 6th, Adams frames his novel as a cautionary tale regarding the dangers of authoritarianism in government as the story presents a terrifying future in which politics continues to become extreme and the foundations of democracy are threatened. Finally, they explore strong characters and how they can shape narratives in unexpected way.